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I was thrilled to see the Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union was using your dining card for their Food Basket fundraiser this year. I see more restaurants adding on after I bought my card and I'm like, wow bonus, I'll eat there, too! Keep them coming DCi!  

~ Carol from Koloko


Even though I have had my card a very short time, just a few months, I have taken great pleasure in dining out at many of the participating restaurants.  The use of the card is so easy, the variety in the dining establishments is great, the number of participants is growing, and there are so many in the greater Waikoloa area!   I know that I will have saved my initial cost sooner than later and had wonderful dining out experiences with friends and family in the process.

~ Marjorie from Waikoloa

My family was on the Big Island for Vacation for the Holidays and we used the DCi Card everywhere that we ate out. Blue Dragon was our favorite place on the entire Island and we received 25% off our entire bill each time we ate there!! This place is awesome, great food, live music and an amazing outdoor atmosphere! We also ate at Sabroso Cafe, where we also saved 25%, and couldn't have been more pleased with the food and service! Thanks the the DCi Card we saved over $200 dining in just 10 days!

~ Carrie from California

We had the most amazing time on our vacation to the Big Island last month and were more than pleased when we stepped off the plane and got a brochure regarding the DCi Card. We purchased the card at our Hotel and used it that night in Waimea at Red Water Cafe. We were blown away by the food at this new restaurant and to be honest probably wouldn't have gone in had it not been for the DCi Card, simply because we hadn't heard a ton about it. But now we know, Red Water Cafe is on our list each time we come to the Big Island.
~ Don and Julie from Washington

This is our 5th trip to the Big Island and someone has finally solved the "dining issue" here. We have been waiting for something like this for years... DCi takes the thinking out of dining! This program has the best restaurants on the island from Kona to Hawi. From Lulu's to Lukes, from Pakini Grill to Humpy's, we used this card everywhere and saved, saved, saved!!!

~ Tim from Oregon

My parents came to Hawaii to visit for a few weeks and came across the DCi Card while dining at Blue Dragon. They decided to purchase us an Annual Membership for my birthday and though at the time I wasn't quite sure if I'd use it a ton, I've been amazed!! I don't eat anywhere but DCi Partner restaurants and I've actually started to calculate my savings for the year to see where I come out... In just two months I've saved nearly $200! If I keep this up I'll save well over $1000 this year! Thanks so much DCi!!!

~ Julie from Kona