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DCI Annual Member

College Card

DCi’s Annual Membership is essential for anyone who enjoys dining out on the town or teeing up with some friends. Why pay full price for dining and golfing when you can save a selected percentage on your food bill and your green fees?

We've all been there at one time or another and we all know that eating out and playing golf is what you do when you are in College. Whether it's a fancy dinner or just 9 holes the DCi College Card is a must have.
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1 Month Membership Card

6 Month Membership

Whether you are on vacation with your family or with a group of friends, DCi's 1 Month Membership Card is a necessity. This card really is a "no brainer" as you'll have no problem recouping the price of the card with your first meal or round of golf.

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Often referred to as our "Snowbird" Membership, this is the perfect amenity for all those that have a second home or spend half their year in one of DCi's participating cities. There is a great chance that you will re-coupe the funds you spend on the membership in just a few short weeks with all of the savings that you will see!

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